(Served with Fried or Steamed Rice.Rice may be substituted with Plain Noodles for 2.00 extra or Lomein for 3.00 extra)

C3 Hunan Chicken (With Vegetables) $9.95

C4 Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry (With Vegetables) $9.95

C6 General Tsao’s Chicken* $10.75

C7 Singapore Curry Chicken (With Vegetables) -$9.95

C9 Chicken with Broccoli $9.95

C10 Kung Pao Chicken* (With Vegetables) $9.95

C11 Chicken with Cashew Nut (With Vegetables) $9.95

C12 Almond Chicken (With Vegetables) $9.95

C14 Sweet & Sour Chicken $10.95

C15 Sesame Chicken $10.95

C16 Garlic Chicken (With Vegetables) $9.95

C18 Orange Chicken $10.95

C19 Moo-Goo-Gai-Pan (With Vegetables) $9.9

C21 Crispy Chicken$10.95

(Salt & Black Pepper stir fry. No Vegetables)